MCHD To Expand On Medical Services and Office Space Availability

The Maverick County Hospital District was created in 1965 under the Texas Constitution which incharges MCHD and its Board of Trustees to provide the necessary medical care and services to the district’s needy residents.

Throughout the years the needs of the region and our patients have grown, outpacing the District’s ability to provide the necessary services to the region.

The MCHD Board envisions a structured plan to expand on those services that will benefit our patients and entire community into the future.

At present time, the MCHD is moving forward with planning to expand medical services and office space availability by an increment of the 2019 /2020 Ad- Valorem Tax Rate from $0.1296 cents to $0.14 cents less than $0.2 cents.

This increase will certainly help us improve the standards of health care in the community and allow us to maintain the access to quality care that is truly deserved.

Our mission is to promote the improvement of health and quality of life of the people of Maverick County.

The District’s Strategic Plan includes a visionary expansion of medical care and social services that will continue promoting and seeking the improvement of health and quality of life of the people of Maverick County and region.

MCHD is in preparations of recruiting a much-needed Neurologist and Gastroenterologist to our area and expand on our office space availability.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us at (830)757-4900 or (830)757-4901.

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