Orthopedic Surgery And Sports Medicine

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At Maverick County Hospital District, we have an amazing Orthopedic Surgery Department that focuses on operating the skeletal system, which includes the joints, tendons, bones, and ligaments.

We are proud to have Dr. Andre Thomas, MD, an Orthopedic Surgeon near me, who received his medical degree from University of Illinois College of Medicine and has over 10 years of experience under his belt.

Orthopedic Surgery MCHD

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Did you know that the knee is one of the most used joints in the body? Using it so much can lead to the point of needing a replacement, either partially or completely. Some of the most comment orthopedic surgeries include a knee replacement, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery, or hip or shoulder replacement.

If you need one of the procedures mentioned above or would like some information about Sports Medicine MCHD, you can call us at 830-757-4900 or (830) 757-4901 to schedule an appointment or on our contact page. During the appointment, we can take necessary x-rays or do some tests to see what we can do.

Sports Medicine MCHD

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Orthopedic Surgery MCHD is especially helpful in assisting athletes, both professional or beginner, recuperate after an injury. If someone, whether they are an athlete or not, is experiencing problems with their knee or shoulder, the Orthopedic Surgeon near me may request to perform an Arthroscopy. This is a minimally invasive procedure to insert a tiny camera to view the joint so we can determine what needs to be done.

Another procedure that is common for those who suffer from arthritis is called Joint Fusion. Cartilage taken from a healthy part of the body and is then grated into an area where the cartilage has been damaged, causing the bones on either side to fuse to stabilize the joint. This is usually done on feet, ankles, fingers, and the spine. To learn more about orthopedic surgery, please click here.

Orthopedic Surgeon Near Me

If you are looking for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine in Eagle Pass, TX, then look no further than Maverick County Hospital District. Our highly-experienced Dr. Thomas will be happy to see you and take the proper steps to get you feeling better.

You can schedule an appointment with us conveniently on our contact page or by giving us a call at 830-757-4900 or (830) 757-4901.

Meet Dr. Andre Thomas & Our Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Team

Dr. Andre Thomas, MD

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine


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