Spotlight on Dr. Judith Birungi

Dr Judith Birungi, MD is a general surgeon at Maverick County Hospital District where she performs a variety of surgeries, including tummy tucks — a medical necessity to remove excess fat and skin and, in most cases, restore weakened or separated muscles.

A tummy tuck is considered medically necessary when all the following criteria are met: the panniculus hangs below the level of the pubis; the patient has experienced a significant weight loss of 100 or more pounds; the patient has a history of recurrent rashes or non-healing ulcers that have not responded to conventional treatment for a  period of three months; and the patient has demonstrated difficulty with ambulation or interference with activities of daily living.

Tummy tucks are very effective in cases where the real trouble with obtaining a trim and fit appearance is the presence of loose skin and soft tissues in the lower abdomen. Pannus in the lower abdomen can also result in hygiene issues given the bulky skin folds caused by the flabby tissues. Removing these tissues will help facilitate better hygiene above the genital area, among many other benefits.

If you would like to receive further information or set up an appointment with Dr. Birungi to see if you meet the criteria for such procedure, please call us at (830) 757-4900 & (830) 757-4901.

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