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Meet The MCHD Board

The Maverick County Hospital District Board of Trustees continue moving forward to assure that the community has the best medical services available.

The MCHD Board consist of a group of compassionate professionals that are headed by Certified Public Accountant Jesus Casas who has been with the District since 2016 when he was elected to the Board position.

Since then Mr. Casas has been adamant about improving our community’s overall health and well-being.

Long time retired education administrator Becky Robinson serves as the MCHD Vice Chairperson and brings a wealth of knowledge which is extremely beneficial for our community and the MCHD. Robinson has been with the MCHD Board since 2016 when she was elected.

Serving as Board Secretary/ Treasurer is local entrepreneur Aaron Valdez who was elected to the position in 2018. Since, then he has adjoined in his colleagues mission to provide the best medical services possible.

Retired educator and community activist Juan Manuel Farias has been with the MCHD Board for more than a decade and continues to serve the community he so many loves and cares for.

Retired educator Adolfo” Fito” Olivares joined the MCHD Board in 2016 when he was appointed to the position and elected in 2018.

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