Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

The month of January is designated as Cervical Cancer Health Awareness Month across the Nation.

Maverick County Hospital District and its Breast and Cervical Cancer Services Program join thousands of other health organizations in urging women to take the proper steps to get cervical cancer screenings and diagnostic screenings.

BCCS Program Director Luiza Garza and staff are prepared to assist the women in our community in any medical checkups and assistance through the BCCS Program. 

It is of great importance to raise awareness and teach women, that early screening is key to detect cervical cancer in its early stages.  With early detection Cervical Cancer can be treated and a long life expectancy.    

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States that may cause cervical cancer, the good news is that this can be prevented with the HPV Vaccine ( please contact your primary care provider for more information on the appropriate age group for the HPV vaccine).  

MCHD encourages women to receive the appropriate information on the HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer Screening Services available in our community. 

For more information, please call MCHD BCCS Program at 830-757-4950 & 830-757-4954.

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