Social services

HIV Ryan White Services

The Ryan White/HIV Social Services Programs are state and federally funded and were established to improve the quality and availability of care for low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals and families affected by the HIV/AIDS disease.

Subject to the availability of funding, these programs will cover the following services:

• Program will provide assistance with certain outpatient medical services, lab, pharmacy and other medical needs such as prescription drugs, medical and dental examinations, etc. These services are determined by the Medical Case Manager and the Program Director. The program is the payer of last resort and may be used only when no other resources are available (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, etc.) 
• Program provides assistance with a limited amount of travel costs for eligible clients who need transportation to and from doctor’s appointments. This is limited to twice a month, but in certain unusual cases, the Program Director or Medical Case Manager may determine to make exceptions to the above guidelines based on client needs. The program may also provide assistance to a traveling companion who accompanies the client to such appointments. Generally, the program will assist the client who travels in their own car with a gas voucher. In some cases the program will provide vouchers to pay for bus fares.
• In certain circumstances, the Medical Case Manager, Program Director, or staff may provide transportation services to clients in Ryan White Program vehicle.
• Food vouchers may also be provided, and are prioritized for clients with highest financial needs. The Program Director and/or Medical Case Manager shall determine such priority.

Who is Eligible to participate?
Persons are eligible for program services as long as they meet the following requirements:
• Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS (lab results or doctor’s statement is required to verify diagnosis) 
• Reside in our service delivery area, which consists of Maverick, Val Verde, Kinney, Uvalde, La Salle, Dimmit Counties