Teen Pregnancy Program - Juntos Podemos

Teen Pregnancy Program - Juntos Podemos

Juntos Podemos is a teen pregnancy prevention project in which Maverick County Hospital District along with Texas Campaign and Texas A&M have partnered up to collaborate on an initiative through Personal Responsibly Education Program (PREP) Competitive Grants under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The goal for this project is to provide adolescents who reside in Maverick County as well as surrounding counties with an evidence ­based educational program that informs adolescents on topics such as abstinence and contraception in order to prevent pregnancies as well as the sexually transmitted infections among adolescents. Juntos Podemos will target students in the ages of 10 ­to19, and believes the education that will be provided will lower the pregnancy and STIs rates that are commonly seen among adolescents in the area.

Yaraida Diaz - Teen Pregnancy Program Director

Maverick County Hospital District’s role in the project is to:

  • Recruit and commit youth and adolescents to learn more on abstinence and contraception.
  • Enroll youth and adolescents in education programs offered by Juntos Podemos.
  • Ensure that educators giving the curriculum have been trained on the evidence based curriculum of Making Proud Choices and Cuidate.
  • Participate in the collection of performance measure data collection.

The evidence based curriculum that will be used in Juntos Podemos is Making Proud Choices for elementary /middle school students who are 10 to ­14 years of age and Cuidate for high school and college students age 15­ to 19. The goal is for 550 middle school students and 1050 high school students to be reached during the 2016/­2017 school year.

By replicating evidence based effective programs such as Making Proud Choices and Cuidate, it is believed that those enrolled in the programs will lead to behaviors that delay sexual activity, and increase condom or contraceptive use to reduce pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases among the youth of Maverick county and surrounding counties.

For more information, please contact:
Yaraida Diaz
(830) 757-4931

TPP Forms & Information

Other Useful Resources

  • Making Proud Choices
  • Cuidate Program

Teen Pregnancy Program Team


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