J.M. Farias

About Me:

As a retired Eagle Pass Independent School District Educator for 35 years and Administrator for 7, Mr. Farias has helped shape the lives of former students who have gone on to become productive, influential members of our society. Additionally, Chuco Farias has also been an integral part of many community service organizations. More than 18 years ago, Farias found his calling as a Maverick County Hospital District Board of Trustee. During that time, Farias’ philanthropic work paved the way for our health care services, including the establishment of the first Renal Care Clinic and Oncology Suite in our community. His tireless work alongside other MCHD Board Trustees and Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers also led to the recruitment of over 35 doctors. This year, Farias and the rest of the Board of Trustees and Administrators were instrumental in the opening of the first Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center, bringing a new service that could have a positive effect in the lives of thousands of citizens in our community. “I can say that I am truly proud of being able to help our indigent and assist in bringing in services such as a Renal Care Clinic and Oncology Services Suite,” commented Farias. Today, Farias is working alongside every devoted Maverick County Hospital District colleague to expand medical care services offered by the District. Last week, the hard work and dedication of the Board of Trustees and Administrators came to fruition by extending the existing office building and renovating the Primary Care Services Clinic, a major accomplishment on their mission to bring excellent care to the community.