Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What information is needed to schedule an appointment? 

We recommended that you provide a referral from your Primary Care
Provider (PCP) and all pertinent medical records. 

2.    What information is needed the day of the appointment?

PCP referral form, insurance authorization (if applicable), pertinent medical records, current medications, insurance card, valid Texas identification, and be prepared to pay for applicable copay upfront.

3.    Will I have to pay for surgeries scheduled at the hospital?

Yes, we collect for  all professional services rendered at the hospital by our physicians. 

4.    Is there a fee for not cancelling an appointment if I am unable to attend? 

Yes, we highly recommend that you call within 24 hours to avoid a no show fee. 

5.    Do you have a patient portal available?

Yes, you may contact our front office staff and provide a valid email address to initiate the process.