MCHD Rolling Out New Shuttle Bus Services

The Maverick County Hospital District will soon be providing transportation to its patients. 

Maverick County Hospital District recently purchase a shuttle bus to be able to provide the necessary transportation services to individuals who are patients of the Hospital District.

MCHD Board of Trustees President Jesus Casas states that this type of services is very important. This will allow the Hospital District assure those district patients or anyone interested in seeking medical services with the Hospital District may do so and not have to cancel or delay their medical visits due to not having any type of transportation to and from their homes.

"This will definitely lower the number of canceled appointments and will allow our patients to attend their medical visits at their designated times," said Casas.

MCHD Administrator Alma Martinez added that these services will allow for the Hospital District to increase their visits by not having any rescheduling conflicts or any other type of problems and will certainly decrease a patient's inability to assist or visit the district's doctors and facility.

MCHD Shuttle Bus full services are expected to be announced in the near future.