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Physician Specialty Group

Physician Specialty Group will continue meet the health care needs of the patients through different specialties in accordance with our mission and vision statement to the most vulnerable population. Currently our Specialty Clinic includes the following:

• Dr. Luis Gutierrez-Perry, MD Surgeon - General & Vascular
• Denise Nemeth, PA-C
• Dr. Alfonso Aguirre-Treviño, MD - General Surgeon
• Dr. Judith Birungi, MD - General Surgeon
• Dr. Carlos Orces, MD - Rheumatology
• Dr. Praveen K. Thaganda, MD - Neurology
• Dr. Susan Taylor, MD, Oncology/Hematology
• Dr. Zandra Perez Cadena - Endocrinology
• Dr. Michael Crone - Urologist

Physician Specialty Group will continue to provide the following medical services:
• General and Vascular Surgeries
• Breast Biopsies
• Chemotherapy Infusion
• EMG’ and EEG’s
• Remicade Infusion
• Diabetes Self Management Education