Social services

Community partner program

As Certified Community Navigators with the Community Partner Program we are able to assist with electronic or paper applications for SNAP/Medicaid/TANF benefits. This program is beneficial to our clients, as many do not have transportation to travel from office to office to apply for different forms of assistance and while at our office they can apply for the Indigent Program along with Community Partner Program benefits. The process is effortless and more for comfortable for our clients as we are acquainted with their household situations. 

We assist the client with new applications, renewals or report of change to case. The account is set up electronically for the client with a username/password/email. The client is screened in the office by the Community Navigator based on potential eligibility for SNAP/Medicaid/TANF. During this process  the application is completed electronically and documents  such as Texas ID/Driver License, social security cards, birth certificates, proof of residence, proof of income, etc. are also scanned electronically to respective application/case number to Health and Human Services Commission.  Client is advised that an interview by Health and Human Services will be conducted upon receipt of application. Health and Human Services will make the determination of eligibility or ineligibility for benefits at this time.